John Phillips
John Phillips June 27, 2023 Digital Trust Government

The Verifiable Credentials of Trustworthy Government

In June 2023, John Phillips got the chance to present at the IBR Conferences DigiGov2023 conference. In his presentation he proposed four mistakes often made by organisations looking to increase digital trust:

  1. Over focusing on identity
  2. Forgetting that trust is mutual
  3. Assuming that people can and should always represent themselves online
  4. Confusing digital presentation with verifiable presentation

He also argued that trustworthy government is essential for all of our futures.

You can see the whole presentation below.

About the Author
John Phillips
John Phillips John believes that there are better models for digital trust for people, organisations, and things on a global scale. He sees verifiable credentials, trustworthy communication, and trustworthy identifiers as a disruptive force for change for good, and wants to be a catalyst for that change, helping people and organisations navigate their way to a better future.

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