What We Do

We provide expert services to help our clients realise benefits in three key areas:

  1. Increased trust of their organisation and for their customers
  2. Reduced risk for their organisation and their customers
  3. Trustworthy interactions and experiences

We work with organisations ranging from start-ups to major internationals, State and Federal governments, and international standards development bodies. The work we do includes:

Strategy development in digital trust technologies such as digital identity and verifiable credentials

Multi-participant and multi-organisation strategy and execution workshops

Proof of concepts and pilots for digital trust initiatives for sectors ranging from Higher Education to Defence, Entertainment, Financial Services, and Retail

Business Case and socio-economic analysis for digital trust initiatives (scaling to multi-million dollar initiatives for millions of people)

Executive and Ministerial papers directed towards requested digital trust technologies, exploring their potential for delivering benefits

Government Research grant exploration on the application of emerging technologies

International collaboration on open-standards and open-source initiatives with organisations such as the Linux Foundation and United Nations

How we do it

We use a collaborative approach to delivering outcomes. A whole lifecycle journey would start with exploratory conversations, and then proceed through discover, design, build, and operate stages. At the end of each stage we confirm the key outputs and the business case for proceeding in a “go/no-go” decision, agreeing if we should proceed to the next stage.

We have shown a simple linear example above. The process we follow allows us to revisit earlier phases when we gain insights that change our earlier thinking or open up new opportunities.

While we’ve presented a whole lifecycle, we can also start our engagement at later points in an existing lifecycle.

What we use

  • Global open-standards
  • Open source software
  • Best-fit product partners

Engagement size

Working with our clients, our engagements scale from lunch time executive briefing sessions, to multi-day and multi-week workshops, to multi-month engagements.

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