As a Client

We actively seek to work with clients and on projects where we can help them deliver significant improvements to the trustworthiness of their digital interactions and their socio-economic impact on all customers.

Preferring to act as a passionate partner working alongside the client, we aim to deliver genuinely expert and independent advice that will make a positive difference to the client and the outcomes they seek.

We design and agree engagement models that meet your needs. Our engagements range from retainer type arrangements, where we need to provide flexibility and be responsive to requests and where we commit to providing an agreed amount of effort and responsiveness over the engagement, to outcome specific engagements where we and the client can be certain of what outcome is required and how long it should take to produce.

As a Partner

We partner with other leading organisations where our collaboration will deliver value for our clients, their customers, and for us and our partners.

We commit to our partners with the same fierce loyalty we commit to our clients: once engaged on an opportunity we will seek to deliver the best possible outcome as a team.

Our aim is to deliver the best possible advice and outcomes for our clients. This means that we need to understand the opportunities and differences offered by the best product companies across a number of dimensions including the licence and fees model, technology, operational and customer experience and support.

It also means that we will not strike agreements that might constrain us or impact the independence of our advice.
We believe that the our success is closely linked to the success of the partners we work with.

As an Expert

We’re always looking for exceptional people to work with us. We’re committed to a diverse team make up and are open to all backgrounds and working styles. We think it’s important that we agree on ethos and principles but would love to talk to all who are interested in joining the team.