As a Client

Sezoo is a commercial organisation.  While some companies may see clients solely as a source of revenue, we see our clients as our partners in achieving our mission statement.

We believe in open, competitive, marketplaces and the importance of good government, and while we believe radical improvement in trust is achievable, we see this as being achieved by working with existing organisations.

Our clients are organisations want to understand more about the current and future state of digital trust and how that can positively influence their strategic and operational decisions, both to their benefit and the benefit of their customers.

We work with organisations whose decisions and actions will impact the landscape of digital trust for all of us. We respect the autonomy of these organisations in their decision making, and we want their decisions to be as well informed as possible.

We are experienced at working with executive leadership in mapping out and exploring strategic opportunities and threats, and in defining ways in which they can be explored effectively and efficiently.

Our advisory services range from bite sized and intense information exchange workshops, to bespoke and in depth analysis and reports.

Moving beyond advice to execution, our independent design and consulting services use our experience in design thinking and agile ways of working to identify, define,  and deliver practical solutions that deliver agreed outcomes.

As a Partner

We partner with other leading organisations where our collaboration will deliver for our clients, their customers, and for us and our partners.

We commit to our partners with the same fierce loyalty we commit to our clients: once engaged on an opportunity we will seek to deliver the best possible outcome as a team.

Our aim is to deliver the best possible advice and outcomes for our clients. This means that we need to understand the opportunities and differences offered by the best product companies across a number of dimensions including the licence and fees model, technology, operational and customer experience and support.

It also means that we will not strike agreements that might constrain us or impact the independence of our advice.
We believe that the our success is closely linked to the success of the partners we work with.

As an Expert

We’re always looking for exceptional people to work with us. We’re committed to a diverse team make up and are open to all backgrounds and working styles. We think it’s important that we agree on ethos and principles but would love to talk to all who are interested in joining the team.