As a Client

We provide expert services to help our clients realise benefits in three key areas:

  1. Increased trust for organisations and their customers
  2. Reduced risk for organisations and their customers
  3. Improve trusted interactions and experiences

How we do it

We use a collaborative “trust-by-design” approach to delivering outcomes. Typically this starts with exploratory conversations, and then (subject to mutual interest and engagement) proceeds through discover, design, build, and operate stages. At the end of each stage we (re) confirm the key outputs and the business case for proceeding so that a mutual “go/no-go” decision can be reached about proceeding to the next stage.

We have shown a simple linear example above. The process we follow allows for iteration and branching as new areas worthy of separate exploration are discovered and/or lessons are learnt that impact earlier work.

What we use

  • Global open-standards
  • Open source software
  • Best-fit product partners

As a Partner

We partner with other leading organisations where our collaboration will deliver for our clients, their customers, and for us and our partners.

We commit to our partners with the same fierce loyalty we commit to our clients: once engaged on an opportunity we will seek to deliver the best possible outcome as a team.

Our aim is to deliver the best possible advice and outcomes for our clients. This means that we need to understand the opportunities and differences offered by the best product companies across a number of dimensions including the licence and fees model, technology, operational and customer experience and support.

It also means that we will not strike agreements that might constrain us or impact the independence of our advice.
We believe that the our success is closely linked to the success of the partners we work with.

As an Expert

We’re always looking for exceptional people to work with us. We’re committed to a diverse team make up and are open to all backgrounds and working styles. We think it’s important that we agree on ethos and principles but would love to talk to all who are interested in joining the team.